One Loyal Fan Has Recreated The Sets Of Hit TV Show Friends Using The Sims 4

A Friends fanatic has recreated set designs and locations from the popular television series, which finished a decade ago, including avatars for the six main characters.

Using the building tool in life simulation game The Sims 4, Ian Roach lets fellow fans Imgur re-visit scenes such as Joey and Chandler’s bachelor pad and downtown coffee shop Central Perk.

Other sets that have been meticulously recreated include Monica and Rachel’s Greenwich Village apartment and Ross and Phoebe’s homes.

The Friends fan also created some superb Seinfeld sets and few from Arrested Development and the Golden Girls.

He’s not alone in his love for the decade-long sitcom with TV host Jimmy Kimmel indulging in his own fan fiction and set recreation on his own show.

You can re-visit some of your favourite locations below or view Ian Roach’s Imgur account here.

Monica, Rachel, Chandler and Ross at the recognisable apartment

Friends at Central Perk

Joey and Chandler in the living room of their apartment

Rachel visits Joey and Chandler at their apartment

Monica and Ross at 495 Grove St NYC

Rachel and Monica's lounge and kitchen

Ross relaxing at home

Phoebe strolls around her apartment

Kramer enters Jerry's NYC apartment

George, Jerry, Elaine and Kramer

A wide angle view of Jerry's apartment at 129 West 81st Street

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