One In Five Europeans Would Buy An Apple Car (AAPL)

Good news for pricey electric car makers like Tesla: A new study by consultants Bain & Co. finds that the wealthy are interested in picking up electric cars as secondary vehicles. They don’t mind paying a premium, even nowadays, as it lets them drive around in a status symbol.

But for Apple (AAPL), there’s even better news in the study. Even though Apple has never made an electric car, never even hinted at making one and might have no idea about how to make one, Europeans in the Bain study say they’d be interested in purchasing a car made by Apple.

BusinessWeek: [T]he Bain survey asked people whether they would buy a car from Apple. Only 21% of Europeans said they would, vs. 48% who would buy an electric car from BMW. Still, Apple’s score was surprisingly high for a company that has never made a motor vehicle. Existing carmakers can’t take it for granted that they’ll own the market.

We’re not sure if this means Apple’s brand is super strong or BMW’s is rather weak.

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