Amazon is selling jugs of pickle juice by the gallon that people are giving rave reviews

AmazonBest Maid’s one-gallon Dill Juice jug sells for $US14.38 on Amazon.

Pickles are arguably one of the world’s most divisive foods, with enthusiasts embracing pickle chips, pickle sandwiches, and pickle juice slushies, while sceptics look on in disgust.

For those who fall in the former group, Amazon is selling another item to add to the list.

As Best Products has pointed out, pickle lovers can buy jugs of pickle juice by the gallon, and those with Amazon Prime could have the sour drink waiting on their doorstep in as little as two days.

One such product is made by Best Maid, a Texas-based company that sells relish, jalapeños, and salad dressings in addition to the “#1 pickle in Texas.” Best Maid’s one-gallon Dill Juice jug, which, at the time of writing, sells for $US14.38 on Amazon or $US7.99 on the company’s website, currently has 589 reviews from Amazon users with an average rating of four-and-a-half out of five stars.

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One reviewer said that the product tasted just like the juice remaining in an empty jar of pickles.

“I kept draining huge jars of pickle juice leaving so many uneaten pickles so I was looking for something that tasted JUST LIKE THE JUICE in the pickle jars,” Amazon commenter lulu wrote. “Well, I just opened this and took a sip and it is ABSOLUTELY DELICIOUS!!!!! […] I will buy this over and over for sure!”

Other reviewers raved about the physical benefits they say they experienced from drinking pickle juice.

“This is perfect for me to get in my electrolytes with my Keto diet,” reviewer Zkrush wrote. “It’s easier for me to drink the juice than take the time to eat a whole pickle.”

“My wife says it really helps with nighttime leg cramps,”Amazon commenter KRM added.

Best Maid Dill JuiceAmazonAt the time of writing, the product had received 589 reviews on Amazon and boasted an average rating of four-and-a-half stars.

Still, some people who had purchased the product raised concerns about the juice’s “very strong flavour,” while one reviewer said that their juice seemed to change flavour when it was frozen.

That being said, 13% of all reviewers gave the Dill Juice three stars or less, so if you’re someone who is looking to make pickleback shots, or just enjoy the sour taste of pickle juice, a one-gallon jug of Best Maid’s Dill Juice seems like a safe bet.

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