Once Again, ESPN Refuses To Cover Sports News That Is Not In Its Best Interest

bob knight

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

ESPN caused a bit of a stir this weekend when it started becoming painfully obvious that college basketball analyst Bobby Knight was intentionally refusing to say “Kentucky” during segments on their network. The motive for the refusal would appear to be an on-going spat between Knight and Kentucky coach John Calipari.Well, in what appeared to be an effort to diffuse the situation, Knight made an appearance on ESPN Radio’s “Mike & Mike in the Morning” show. And during that segment, Knight said “Kentucky” five times.

End of story? ESPN sure hopes so.

In classic ESPN fashion, neither of the show’s hosts asked Knight about his childish behaviour during the weekend broadcasts. Nor did they ask him why he was suddenly so eager to name “the team playing from the SEC.” In other words, ESPN was just hoping to bury the issue and make it go away.

Of course, this is nothing new as ESPN has repeatedly shown a bias in its sports news coverage. Then again, the E in ESPN stands for “Entertainment,” and the N does not stand for “News” (it stands for “Network”).

So maybe we should stop being surprised at how low they will stoop.

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