On This One Topic, Marc Andreessen Has No Idea What He’s Talking About


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Earlier this month, Silicon Valley visionary Marc Andreesseen told a conference that people who major in “softer stuff” like English will have a lot of fun while they’re studying, but won’t have great job prospects after.He said English majors will probably end up working in a “shoe store.”

It turns out he has no idea what he’s talking about (on this particular topic).

Williams College students Hayley Brooks and Kaison Tanabe analysed the careers of 15,000+ graduates, and used CIRCOS visualisation software to plot out the data. Professor Satyan Devadoss then published it online.

We just republished it with their permission.

Here’s what it revealed about English majors. Note the thin line to sales, shoes or otherwise.

Impact of Major on Career Path for 15600 Williams College Alums

[credit provider=”Hayley Brooks and Kaison Tanabe” url=”http://web.williams.edu/Mathematics/devadoss/careerpath.html”]

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