On The Ground In Cairo With Egyptian Journalist Wafaa Badry

Wafaa Badry is a broadcast journalist based out of Cairo covering the incredible protests and events taking place that could end the Muslim Brotherhood’s rule and Morsi’s Presidency. She’s in contact with Business Insider, relating events to us as they unfold on the ground in Cairo.

Just over a year since President Morsi assumed power, Badry says the military today announced the leader and his closest advisors are restricted from leaving the country and may be placed under house arrest.

Badry says Internet service is spotty, but she’ll be sending in photos and commentary as she’s able.

For more updates on the situation in Egypt, see Business Insider’s full coverage.

Cairo, late

In Cairo near the Presidential Palace in Masr al Gadida, celebrations of Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood’s ouster continue well into the night.

Cairo coup

A young man and his friends hold a sign with a message to U.S. President Obama.


1:00AM Cairo

Balloons and fireworks near Tahir Square following the announcement that ex-President Morsi was removed from office and prohibited from exercising any judicial authority.

Cairo Egypt Tahrir Square Protests July 3 2013 Wafaa Badry

Jubilent protester celebrated the Muslim Brotherhood’s fall from power near the presidential palace.

Cairo Egypt Tahrir Square Protests July 3 2013 Wafaa Badry 3

8:35PM Cairo

Crowds outside cafe waiting to hear upcoming announcement. People are expecting an announcement at any moment about what’s transpiring in the presidential palace.


8:31PM Cairo

After a series of sexual assaults against women, men in Tahrir asigned space for the women in the crowd. Here they are standing guard and enforcing the border between genders.

Tahrir July 3

8.24PM Cairo: “Step down or leave, Morsi.”

Tahrir July 3

8:17PM Cairo

The military has curtailed violence in the Suez. Word on the street is Mohamed Mustafa ElBaradeis will be next Egyptian prime minister.

8:13PM Cairo

The military announced it has stopped violent clashes in the Suez.

Word on the street is Mohamed Mustafa ElBaradei will be next Prime Minister.

8:08PM Cairo

The Maspero youth union is sending this message to the American people : Stop Supporting the new Fascism.

“Dear Americans,

We are not addressing the American administration, we address you the American people who believe in freedom.

Your administration is supporting the new fascism, your president and his ambassador supporting a terrorist group rejected by the Egyptian people, a Fascist group oppresses minorities, women’s rights wasted group that destroy civilizations and cultures.

Your ambassador makes pressure on our national Egyptian army to stand with terror group not with his Peaceful people who demand freedom and justice, equality and citizenship.

Dear Americans, you have to stand against terrorist supportive administration, against tax money scattered by an administration which support a terrorist group having the same ideology of the one that killed your sons before and killing ours now.”

8:00PM Cairo

Protesters are in Tahrir Square awaiting next military announcement while singing Egyptian national anthem.

Helicopters are passing overhead at about 30 minute intervals.

Just past noon, July 3, in Tahrir Square

Banner in Tahrir Square: “Step down morsi for these reasons: no water, no electricity , no gas.”

Banner in Tahrir Square:

Tahrir July 3

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