On The Docket For NY Tech Meetup: Boxee, NYC Seed, ListensToYou

It’s a busy lineup at tonight’s NY Tech Meetup. Four companies that got the hook last month due to a freak power outage at Barry Diller’s IAC headquarters are scheduled to present, as well as four new companies.

Here’s the lineup:

  • iRetroPhone: rotary dial app for iPhone
  • ListensToYou: enables users to determine ads displayed on Websites visited
  • MobileTek Labs: a mobile dental laboratory company
  • NYC Seed: funds seed stage tech companies in New York City
  • Angelsoft: connects angel investors and entrepreneurs in a Web app
  • edopter: social trendcasting site
  • Meetup: plan group meetings online
  • boxee: play a wide selection of video from your computer and the Internet on your TV

Screenshot of boxee

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