Tropical Strom Isaac Is Pounding The Gulf Coast

Hurricane Isaac, a massive storm spanning 180 miles from its centre with winds up to 90 mph (and even 113 reportedly in some areas near New Orleans), was declared a Category 1 hurricane Tuesday as it made its way inland on the Gulf coast. It has now been downgraded to a tropical storm.

The surge and flood threat of the slow-moving but powerful storm will likely continue through tonight and into tomorrow in the form of strong winds—which forced the Weather Channel’s Jim Cantore in New Orleans to Tebow at one point—and persistent rain.

Reuters notes that while Isaac is “not nearly as strong as Katrina—a Category 3 hurricane that killed 1,800 people after it slammed into New Orleans on August 29, 2005—[it is] a threat that authorities said should not be underestimated.”

Weather Channel senior meteorologist Jon Erdman said that Isaac will likely dump more rain over parts of Louisiana and Mississippi than Katrina did.

A flash flood warning has been issued for most of the north shore of Louisiana and part of Mississippi. 50-six parishes have declared a state of emergency.

The biggest threat at this point is flooding from the heavy rain (the winds have subsided).

It’s especially bad southeast of New Orleans in Plaquemines Parish where Isaac has breached an 18-mile stretch of levee as it made its second landfall, sending up to 12 feet of water into people’s homes.

About 120 members of the National Guard have rescued more than 100 in the area, and authorities are deciding whether to intentionally breach the levee to relieve pressure on the structure.

More than 670,000 customers are without power in Louisiana, according ot Entregy.

Here is an interactive wind map of the entire U.S. and here’s the latest from the Weather Channel.

Here are the latest visuals: 

hurricane isaac

Photo: Weather Channel

hurricane isaacAs of 2:00 p.m. EST Isaac was moving northwest at 6mph with winds of 75 mph

Photo: Twitter/@scimichael

hurricane isaac

Photo: Weather Channel

hurricane isaacThe storm will continue into tomorrow afternoon.

Photo: Weather Channel

hurricane isaacA collapsed home in New Orleans’ 7th ward

Photo: Twitter/kesparros

hurricane isaacA streetlight dangles as utility polls stand askew on Louisiana Highway 56.

Photo: AP

hurricane isaacBraithewaite, Plaquemines Parish

Photo: Twitter/@JMLeblanc23

hurricane isaacRescuers cut through a window with an axe in Plaquemines Parish, La. They say they have saved more than 100 people.

Photo: Twitter/@jebetz

hurricane isaacAnother view of the flooding in Plaquemines Parish

Photo: Twiiter/@MarnieTWC

hurricane isaacDamage in Buras, La.

Photo: Flickr/@ChrisCuevas78

hurricane isaacAn uprooted tree in downtown New Orleans, La.

Photo: AP/Gerald Herbert

hurricane isaacHere is what it looked like around Midnight on August 29.

Photo: Flickr/NASA Goddard Photo and Video

hurricane isaacNASA image of Hurricane Isaac making landfall in Louisiana

Photo: NASA

hurricane isaac

Photo: Twitter/@EastTNWX

hurricane isaacThe coast in Waveland, Miss., usually extends about 100 yards past homes but is not creeping onto the streets.

Photo: Weather Channel

hurricane isaacA home destroyed by the winds in James Perry, La.

Photo: Weather Channel

hurricane isaacA research student from the University of Alabama measures wind speeds.

Photo: AP

hurricane isaacBroken power pole with low hanging wires in Metairie, La.

Photo: Twitter/‏@BillCapo

hurricane isaacA transformer swaying this morning in New Orleans.

Photo: Weather Channel

hurricane isaacThe scene from Dean Blanchard’s house near Grand Isle, La, this morning.

Photo: Twitter/@edlavaCNN

Here is live coverage from @WDSU in New Orleans:

hurricane isaacPeople standing on the pier at Navarre Beach, Fla.

Photo: Twitter/jamiefox1

hurricane isaacRuffin Henry and Scout the dog swim in the rising water of Lake Pontchartrain in New Orleans, La.

Photo: Getty


hurricane isaacThe streets are flooded in Bay St. Louis, Miss., as Isaac made landfall near the mouth of the Mississippi River on August 28.

Photo: AP/Rogelio V. Solis

hurricane isaacRising storm waters prevented firefighters from responding to this fire in Bay St. Louis, Miss. so they used an airboat to make sure it didn’t reach neighbouring homes.

Photo: AP/Holbrook Mohr

hurricane isaacThe Waterfront Seafood company in Bayou La Batre, Ala. lives up to its name.

Photo: AP//Butch Dill

hurricane isaacA car is stranded on August 28 in Venice, La., the southernmost tip of the state, which is outside the storm protection system.

Photo: AP/Gerald Herbert

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