A Year After Being Acquired For $180 Million, OMGPOP Is Gone And Some Employees Are Taking It Hard

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Zynga laid off 18% of its staff yesterday across all departments, shutting down its offices in New York, Dallas, and Los Angeles.

That means yesterday was the last day for many New York-based OMGPOP employees, Sean Hollister of The Verge reports

Zynga acquired OMGPOP, the makers of the once-popular Draw Something game, about a year ago for $180 million. While the OMGPOP shutdown may have come as a surprise to some employees, there were at least two signs within the last year that the company was in trouble.

In October 2012, Zynga announced it was writing off between $85 million and $95 million on OMGPOP. And just two months ago, now former OMGPOP CEO Dan Porter left the company.

Some former OMGPOP employees are taking the layoffs better than others. After the all-hands meeting in New York announcing the layoffs, some people ripped up Zynga shirts and hoodies, BuzzFeed reports.

Some piled into Tom & Jerry’s, a bar in NoHo, where it almost felt like a party, BuzzFeed reports. The bartender treated all the former employees to drinks, and said no one ever would have guessed that those people had just been laid off. 

Meanwhile on Twitter, one former OMGPOP employees expressed distaste for the way Zynga handled the layoffs. 

“I learned via Facebook I was laid off today and @OMGPOP office is closed,” former executive at OMGPOP Ali Nicolas tweeted yesterday afternoon. “Thanks @zynga for again reminding me how not to operate a business.”

Other former employees are bummed, but looking forward to moving on to the next thing. 

“Thanks for the concern everyone,” ex-senior community manager at Zynga Joseph Alminawi tweeted. “Yep, I’ve been laid off (along with most of the studio). I’ll share more details soon after I do my exit…”