After 2 Years In Stealth Mode And A $180 Million Acquisition, OMGPOP Founder Debuts New Startup, Picturelife

Business Insider VideoLast year, as his startup OMGPOP was getting acquired for $180 million, Charles Forman announced a new venture.

Forman, Threadless co-founder Jacob Dehart and OHours founder Nate Westheimer were quietly working on a photo startup called Picturelife. The idea, which the three spent two years building, was to put “all your pictures in one place.”

Now Picturelife has launched, and the end result works a lot like Evernote. When users create Picturelife accounts, they download a Mac or Windows version, as well as an iPad or iPhone app. Picturelife routinely pulls every image file from everywhere without being prompted. The images can then be viewed on multiple devices, and everything is made private by default. Its goal is to be a better solution than iPhoto, and more secure than Instagram.

Picturelife uses a freemium business model. The first five gigabytes are free, after which you can pay for either 100 GB or 300 GB monthly or annually.

AllThingsD’s Liz Gannes has done a thorough review of Picturelife. It doesn’t sound like it will solve all of your photo organizational problems, but it has promise:

“Picturelife does have a lot of the same features as similar services,” Gannes writes. “It also costs more than some (though less than Dropbox). And as a ‘freemium’ service that is charging customers, it has some new-service kinks it needs to work out. But it offers a few features the others don’t. It performs simple imports from your other photo sources, including iPhoto, Flickr, Tumblr, Facebook, Instagram and SmugMug and iPhoto. It has pretty clear-cut privacy controls, which you might appreciate if you’re fed up with the way Facebook handles privacy.”

Here’s Gannes’ full review of the service, and here’s a link to Picturelife if you want to try it out.