OMG! Lindsay Lohan Busted With Coke After Car Chase


Thought we’d take this opportunity to update you on Yahoo’s new TMZ-killer, OMG!, which is currently featuring dozens of headlines similar to the one above (because it gives us an excuse to read them).  TMZ, we don’t have to tell you, has been a massive home run for Time Warner, just as perezhilton, defamer, and half-a-dozen other celebrity gossip sites have for their owners.  Yahoo’s obviously trying to cash in on the rage.

As others have noted, OMG! has a weakness, which is that it is a section of Yahoo, not a separate site.  It would make an excellent stand-alone brand, especially if operated by a bunch of fearless 20-somethings, but as part of a Fortune 500 corporation, it will likely get throttled.

Yes, we admit it, we wish we could read post about Lindsay, Paris, all day, too–Oh, my, what pageviews!–but we’re serious business types here in Silicon Alley, so we’ll get back to our regularly scheduled programming…

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