Russian Freestyle Skier Somehow Walks Away From This Epic Crash

The moguls competition of freestyle skiing in the Olympics involves high speeds, lots of bouncing up and down, and amazing aerial tricks.

That combination of events also leads to some crazy crashes including one by Sergey Volkov of Russia during the qualification runs. Amazingly, he got up and walked away despite landing face first on a failed trick.

After doing one trick at a slow speed early on the course, the skiers gain a large amount of speed on the moguls leading to the second, all while the knees are pumping up and down and it is easy to lose control.

Volkov handled the moguls and looked good heading into the more dangerous second jump.

But things quickly turned bad in mid-air as the skis separated.

After he completed his first flip, it was clear Volkov was in big trouble.

Volkov landed face-first with his body completely twisted.

And his goggles went flying.

The Russian coach immediately cringed and had to look away.

Somehow, Volkov got up and crossed the finish line. There are no make-up points for crossing the line backwards.

He did look a little shaken up at first.

But even though he is probably going to be very sore tomorrow, he gave up a thumbs up to show he wasn’t seriously hurt.

Here is a GIF of the crash.

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