What The Olympics Looked Like Through The Eyes Of The Athletes

lebron james and tom daley during the london 2012 opening ceremonyUK diver Tom Daley hangs out with LeBron at the Opening Ceremony

Photo: @tomdaley1994

The 2012 London Games was the first Olympics ever where most of the of athletes had Twitter.As a result, we got to know these them much more closely than we have in past years.

A bunch of stars (McKayla Maroney, the US basketball team, etc.) got a ton of attention for live-tweeting their experience in London.

We stitched together photos from a few of these athletes to give you a feel for what the entire Olympics were like from the point of view of the athlete — from the giddiness Opening Ceremony, to the monotony of life in the Olympic Village, to the euphoria of taking home a medal.

It all starts at the Opening Ceremony, where you meet and mingle with athletes from all parts of the sports world

Not everyone goes. If you compete the day after the Ceremony (like these Australian swimmers) you just watch on TV

You miss out on a pretty spectacular fireworks show from the infield of the Olympic Stadium though

If you're a big star like Michael Phelps, you have to face the media. Lots of 'em

If your sport isn't scheduled to begin right away, there's a lot of laying around waiting to compete

Here's how Usain Bolt passed his time...

... And here's how Deron Williams and his kids passed it

Eventually you win a medal or two. But what do you do with it?

You can find and friend and hold it up awkwardly, like most people

If you're a 16-year-old gymnastics champion, you skype your friends back home and show them

Or, if you're of age, you celebrate with a little champagne

When you're done competing, the fun really begins

You get to go to a bunch of other sports, and sit in a special athletes area with famous people

And you get to rake in money from being on the Corn Flakes box

Eventually everyone heads to the Olympic Stadium again for the Closing Ceremony. The mood is more casual and celebratory this time around

And after the party at the Olympic Stadium, you go to the after-party and hang out with rappers

The next day, you're spent

Eventually it's all over, and you go somewhere like this

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