The 12 Craziest Obstacles From The Absurdly Detailed Olympic Equestrian Course

olympics horse obstacles

Photo: NBCSN

Say what you will about equestrian (how it probably shouldn’t be an Olympic sport, etc.), but the sport does have a sense of humour.Instead of traditional jumps made of hedges or fencing, the people who set up the Olympic course in London used a variety of random objects as obstacles.

These obstacles include: Saturn, a boat, and a mini house with fully functioning doors and windows.

It’s not the most entertaining sport, but it’s worth watching just to see how clever and weird they made the obstacles.


The Moon (what a view!)

The chess board, complete with pieces

A castle

A train car

A barge

A tractor

A diamond

Patio furniture

A miniature house, with windows and doors

A cart of fruits and vegetables

A horseshoe

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