OLYMPICS BY THE NUMBERS: Which Sponsors Are Winning—And Losing—The Games?


Photo: Nike

Athletes aren’t the only ones competing for the gold this Olympics.McDonald’s, P&G, and other advertisers are in a race to be the best-known Olympics sponsors. After all, Coca-Cola spent about $100 million for its official worldwide sponsorship, so the brand better make sure that footing the bill is worth its while.

Companies which specialize in tracking advertising have kept a close eye on what has and hasn’t been working—and they’ve given us a bunch of enlightening charts that show which brands are doing well, and which failed.

This pie chart by Factiva, an aggregation and research tool owned by Dow Jones, shows that McDonald's has been mentioned the most by media sources—both traditional and social—out of the 10 best performing Olympic sponsors.

McDonald's also beat P&G when it came to getting mentioned on social media sites. Factiva tracked Twitter, blogs, message boards, and YouTube but NOT Facebook.

This graph shows whether sponsors received positive or negative media coverage. Note: Just because Dow Chemical had the highest percentage of unfavorable coverage doesn't mean that it had more negative articles written than McDonald's, which was featured in about 1,000 more articles.

This graph shows the ebb and flow of when the Olympic sponsors got the most media coverage. P&G started to get more recognition than McDonald's as the games went on.

But when it comes to team sports, Chobani's ads had the highest average score out of all the other Olympic sponsors.

Although Unruly Media, which tracks how many times an ad is shared, found that P&G had the most viral commercials by a longshot.

AddThis doles out new medals to brands every day. Chobani is in the lead. Note: Rogue advertiser Nike is on the list when Adidas, the Olympics' official sponsor, is nowhere to be seen.

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