The internet just resurfaced the best piece of Olympics broadcasting to ever air

Mary Carillo had a lot to say about the reality of backyard badminton in 2004, and the internet is still listening. 

During a slow news night for the 2004 Olympics, Carillo filled some time on air with what started as a comparison between the rackets and birdies used in Olympics games and the standard set available to the public. “We’ve all played badminton and it seems like the rules are fairly easy to understand,” Carillo begins. “I think there’s a big difference though in the equipment these guys use and the ones we use at home.”

The segment quickly devolved into Carillo recounting a harrowing ordeal of getting the birdie stuck in a tree, children throwing hockey sticks like javelins, and a rollerblade denting her jeep.

12 years later, the four-minute long clip is one of people’s favourite non-athlete-related Olympics moments of all time. The latest wave of attention coming to Carillo’s badminton rant is owed to Reddit. The clip was posted to /r/videos with the title “the best piece of Olympic broadcasting ever aired,” and garnered over 6,000 upvotes in 12 hours. 

Here are some of our favourite quotes in the speech:

“Now there are kids from all over the neighbourhood that have come into your backyard and they’re emptying out your garage throwing stuff at your tree, alright? You realise suddenly you own 18 basketballs. You’ve got nine footballs, ok?”

“Someone’s turned on the hose! Badminton is a water sport.”

“You’ve got Colleen Clark up in the tree, trying to get down a Spongebob Squarepants beach ball with a hockey stick, ok?”

“Then you see Christopher Burr  —  and it’s always Christopher Burr  — he takes a rollerblade, throws it up at the tree, hits your car, now you’ve got a dent in your Jeep.”

When this segment made the rounds in 2014, Carillo sent an email to Deadspin explaining her recollection of the rant. “Can’t believe that thing’s still around,” Carillo told Deadspin. “I was hosting a morning show in Athens that covered a lot of badminton […] There was no script for that rant — just a little dead time — but it got some chuckles and a head shake from my producer.”

Watch the full video clip below. Trust us, it’s worth it.

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