Amazing Behind The Scenes Photos From The Olympic Village

Olympics Lolo Jones USA Basketball

Photo: @FranklinMissy

Over the past few days, Olympians from all over the world have moved into the Olympic Village in London.The Village is a massive residential complex that will serve as the social epicentre of the Olympics. Over the years, it has developed a reputation for hosting all sorts of sex-and-booze scandals.

A bunch of athletes have taken pictures of every part of the Village — from the massive cafeteria to the itty-bitty rooms.

We collected a bunch of these pictures to get a feel for what it’s like to live in the Village.

The takeaway: It’s an uber-fancy college dorm with all sorts of perks and ~10,000 good-looking residents

Let's start in the bedrooms. They're pretty cramped, and every athlete has a roommate

The beds are tiny (68 inches), too small for regular-sized athletes

The closets are pretty tight too...

Especially if you have bags and bags full of free clothes

Some of the more beloved athletes have trinkets from fans in their rooms

Each room has a small living space that resembles a college dorm common room

They all have balconies, where you can hang out in the mornings and shake off a hangover if need be

The Canadians got super-creative with their balconies, very well done Canada

From the looks of it, the Canadians are the big party animals in the Village

Let's check out what the Village is like outside the rooms. The cafeteria is enormous, with food from all over the world and free McDonald's

There's a large courtyard for Olympians to do what they do best — flips and hand stands

Couches for taking in the lovely London weather

Oh yeah, there are famous people everywhere

One of the coolest perks: There's a mobile deluxe coffee cart

And a game room, for those who aren't the partying type

And a little outdoor area for over-sized Jenga

There's also a salon where you can get an Olympics-inspired haircut

The views are just OK

It's way cooler at night

So there you have it. It's basically a really big, really nice temporary college dorm with ~10,000 athletes living in it

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