Here's All The Weird Stuff You'll See At Tonight's Opening Ceremony

We’re watching the BBC’s pre-coverage of the Opening Ceremony. They’re giving us glimpses into what’s going to go on tonight. Scroll down to see what we’ve seen so far, we’ll keep updating:

Uh oh, it’s raining:

raining at the opening ceremony


Pretty cool view tweeted out from @Olympics, you can see the “cloud” as well as the red, white, and blue streaking across the sky:

olympic stadium in london for opening ceremony

Photo: @Olympics

We heard that there were going to be lots of farm animals in the opening ceremony tonight. CONFIRMED:

opening ceremony

Photo: BBC


opening ceremony

Photo: BBC

BBC just played some spoilers of tonight’s ceremony from what we assume is a dress rehearsal. The ceremony will include angels riding bikes:

olympic ceremony

Photo: BBC

 And lots of jazz dancin’:

opening ceremony

Photo: BBC


This “cloud” will also be involved in the Olympic Opening Ceremony in one way or another. Apparently there are holes in the bottom so it can “rain.”

Should be an interesting ceremony:

olympic cloud

Photo: BBC


Minor spoiler from the the BBC just now: tonight’s Opening Ceremony will involve this gigantic bell, dubbed, “The Olympic Bell.”

“Who well ring the bell?” the BBC presenter asked, not giving any details about the origin or purpose of the bell.

This ceremony looks really weird (updates below):

olympic opening ceremony bell

Photo: BBC

Here’s what the inside of the stadium looks like:

olympic opening ceremony farm

Photo: BBC

But it’s all about the bell:

olympic bell in london

Photo: BBC

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