OLYMPIC NIGHTMARE: London Highways Overwhelmed By Olympic Traffic Already

2012 olympic traffic

Photo: The Guardian

Much of London is experiencing gridlock a full 11 days before the opening ceremony of the 2012 summer Games as the country prepares for a gruelling month of slowdowns, delays and unbearable traffic.The first athletes have been recently arriving in London at Heathrow Airport, but journey on the M4 highway from the airport to the Olympic village has been a nightmare.

To cope with the arrival of athletes and family members as the opening ceremony nears, special Olympic Games lanes have been designated on the M4 — meaning there is less room for ordinary traffic along the road.

Though traffic was relatively light on Monday, according to the Telegraph, there was a massive 32-mile backup on the M4 heading into London.

One shuttle bus containing American athletes was lost for nearly four hours before eventually arriving at the Olympic village, despite the designated traffic lane.

This was the first day the special lane was in effect and traffic will only increase in the coming week, meaning people living in London could be in for even worse traffic conditions throughout the Games.

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