OLYMPIC GOLD: Stephen Colbert Climbs Into NBC's Fake Fireplace, Bob Costas Loses It

Stephen Colbert

Thank goodness for Stephen Colbert, who got a nice jab in at NBC on its own late-night Olympics broadcast last night. (As a reminder, NBC is the network that refuses to let you actually watch the Olympics, by offering tape-delayed coverage, fake authenticity, and fake patriotism all around.)

After finishing a goofy segment with Bob Costas, Colbert got up from his chair and climbed all the way into the fake fireplace on NBC’s set.

“You know, it’s the authenticity that I really appreciate about NBC!” he said. Bob Costas lost it, laughing hysterically during Colbert’s gag.

Stephen Colbert

Because NBC wants to keep an exclusive on its Olympics Web video, we can’t embed the clip. But you can click here to watch it on NBC’s site, if you have Microsoft’s Silverlight plugin installed. The fireplace goof starts around the 5 minute, 40 second mark.

Around the 4 minute, 40 second mark, you can see Bob Costas mounting a stuffed moose, from a Colbert Report taping earlier in the day.

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