Check Out These Awesome Pictures Taken With Our favourite iPhone Accessory, The Olloclip

olloclip fish eye

Photo: Olloclip’s Instagram

The Olloclip is a small lens accessory that mounts over your iPhone’s camera.Check out our review of the Olloclip > 

The Olloclip is tiny and what makes it unique is its design, you have access to three different lenses: Fisheye, macro, and wide-angle.

All three lenses produce dynamic, different results.

Take a look at this gallery that we put together so you can see exactly what the Olloclip can do.

The Olloclip is available for $70 from Olloclip or Amazon.

You can remove the wide-angle/macro lens and use it to take pictures like this one.

The Fisheye lens really creates some dynamic photos. Here is one we took of a sunset in NYC last week.

A Fisheye photo Olloclip took on a visit to one of Apple's Retail Stores in Hong Kong.

Here is a photo without the Olloclip's wide-angle lens.

But here is what it looks like when you attach the lens.

Here is a photo Olloclip took of Apple's newest Earpods. You can use the Olloclip to really take detailed photos.

Another Fisheye photo from The Verge's holiday party last week.

The Fisheye really opens up the iPhone's camera and allows you to get the full picture. Here's one we took at a bullfight in Mexico City last month.

And finally a gorgeous wide-angle photo of Huntington Beach that Olloclip took a few weeks ago.

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