REVIEW: A Must-Have iPhone Camera Accessory, The Olloclip

If you’re an Instagram or Facebook photo pro and you want your friends to get jealous of your awesome pics, you need to check out the Olloclip.


[credit provider=”Kevin Smith, Business Insider”]

The Olloclip is an iPhone camera add-on that allows anyone to take dynamic photos using one of its three lenses. Users can enjoy Fisheye, wide-angle, and macro lenses.

Olloclip recently released an iPhone 5 version of its popular camera add-on. Available in three colours, white, black and red, the accessory is also still available for iPhone 4/4S users.

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The Olloclip is designed from a sturdy plastic, the Fisheye lens is fixed to the plastic but the macro/wide-angle can be removed to create a very unique affect:

olloclip macro

[credit provider=”Kevin Smith/Business Insider”]

One minor annoyance with the Olloclip is that If you’re a case user you have to peel it off each time you want to use the add-on. But the Olloclip can be added or removed in seconds when you have no case on.


[credit provider=”Kevin Smith/Business Insider”]

 While there are a few competitors in the camera add-on market, the Olloclip is one of the most functional camera additions we’ve used, pictures come out great, and it works with any existing camera app too.

The Olloclip is available for approximately $70.

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