Actress Olivia Munn made a savvy Uber investment in 2011 but was roasted for a now deleted tweet about it people called 'tone deaf'

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  • The actress Olivia Munn tweeted on Friday that she had invested in Uber in 2011, when it had just $US1.8 million in net revenue.
  • “To see how much it’s grown has been truly remarkable,” she wrote.
  • But many people criticised Munn’s tweet, particularly in the wake of the Uber drivers’ strike. She later deleted the tweet after the backlash.
  • “We get it, you’re rich,” one person wrote.
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The Hollywood star Olivia Munn – famous for stints on “The Daily Show” and “The Newsroom,” as well as movies like “X-Men: Apocalypse” and “Magic Mike” – made a savvy investment in Uber in 2011, the actress revealed in a tweet on Friday.

But her tweet, which patted both Uber and herself on the back on its initial-public-offering day, rubbed many people the wrong way, as evidenced by the scorching replies to it. She deleted the tweet later on Friday after the backlash.

“In 2011 I invested in UBER when it had only about 7,000 cars in just a few cities and 1.8 mil in net revenue,” Munn wrote in the now deleted tweet. “To see how much it’s grown has been truly remarkable. Excited to see all the places @Uber will take us in the future.”

“We get it, you’re rich,” one person replied. Multiple people called the tweet “tone deaf.”

“You really should read up on their hostile work environment, shady business practices & the fact that one of their main ‘innovations’ is taking a traditional middle class job and turning it into poverty wages,” another person replied. On Wednesday, drivers for both Uber and Lyft (which had its IPO earlier this year), engaged in protests and strikes, demanding higher wages, Business Insider’s Graham Rapier reported.

In a similar vein, one commenter responded to Munn’s reference that Uber had 7,000 in 2011 by saying, “Uber has zero cars. They all belong to the drivers!”

Others were baffled by Munn’s inclusion of a picture of the Fearless Girl statue in front of an Uber banner:

“You are abusing the message of that statue,” one person wrote. Throughout Uber’s existence, it has been the subject of at least 49 scandals, as chronicled by Business Insider’s Kate Taylor and Benjamin Goggin. Those have included multiple allegations of sexual harassment.

While some of those who replied to Munn’s tweet appeared supportive – one tweeted, “No more DUI’s!” – the vast majority reacted negatively.

Still, there can be no doubt that Munn’s investment was a financially prudent one. In 2011, Uber was valued at $US60 million. Uber debuted as a public company with an initial market cap of $US75.5 billion (though it’s down a bit since then).

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