Oldsters: Give Us Our Web Back!

The Times finds a handful of people who were big Netscape fans, or who still pay for AOL (TWX) dialup, or otherwise cling to the Internet of yore. One of them is 56, another is 81. But lest you think this audience should be dismissed, think again: There were more than a million Netscape users before AOL killed the browser this month, and some 9 million people are still paying a monthly fee to AOL (we know at least one of them well).

So why do they keep using outdated technology and paying for services they can get for free? The NYT offers up several diagnoses, but in the end we think it’s fairly simple: They like the stuff they’re already using. Couple that will results of a Burst Media poll indicating that people over 45 think the Web isn’t designed for them, and there’s a lesson in there somewhere.

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