Older Americans Value The Internet The Most

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The oldest and youngest Americans put the highest value on the internet, according to a fascinating new study from the Boston Consulting Group. BCG quantified the number by calculating a consumer surplus, defined as “the perceived value that consumers themselves believe they receive, over and above what they pay for devices, applications, services, and access.”

Americans have an average internet consumer surplus of $1,430. However, for those aged 18 to 24 it is almost $3,000 and for Americans above the age of 55 it is more than $3,500.

There are a number of ways to read the survey, but we think there are a few possible explanations:

  • Younger Americans are more connected than other generations and thus place more value on the internet;
  • Older Americans don’t take the internet for granted;
  • Americans aged 35 to 44 were in their twenties when the internet first gained popularity and it has been more or less “commoditized” for their generation.
Boston Consulting Group

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