HOUSE OF THE DAY: This Wacky Long Island Mansion Thinks It's Nestled In The Italian Countryside

italian house long island

Photo: Shawn Elliott

So you’ve got a day job in Midtown, but you long for a peaceful existence in the rolling hills of Italy.We’ve got a perfect solution for you: this Mediterranean style mansion in the upscale community of Old Westbury, Long Island, is available for $14 million (via Homes of the Rich).

True, it doesn’t have the storied history of most Italian villas, and there’s no scent of fermenting grapes wafting across the property.

But it does have bathrooms filled with frescoes, a whole lot of marble and an indoor swimming pool fit for a Roman emperor.

The house strives for a classic Mediterranean style. There's an artificial lake out front.

Inside, there are wrought iron ornaments everywhere. They create some artistic reflections on the floor.

Those may be French door, but they still remind us of Italy.

Clearly, the ceiling art was inspired by the Sistine Chapel.

The dining room is fit for an emperor.

The kitchen is the most important part of any Italian home, and it was clearly prioritised in this Long Island replica.

Even the kitchen has a wall painting. Check out the scene surrounding the round window.

An ideal spot for belting out some Italian opera, si?

We've come to the home office, complete with sliding staircase and fireplace.

From your desk, you'll be able to admire the home's many columns. This place looks like the Pantheon.

This room has fallen victim to an overzealous artist.

That may be a California King, but the decor screams Italian palace.

Another one of the 7 bedrooms. This one's got a leather look.

Obviously, the marble tiling in the bathroom is extreme.

But we could get used to a spa like this.

This bathroom, on the other hand, seems a little over the top.

No Italian estate is complete without a bar.

Or a dance floor.

Or a very, very large wine cellar.

Time to check out the basement. It's time to leave Italy and enter the Caribbean.

These are some of the biggest fish tanks we've ever seen outside an aquarium.

But they make a lovely backdrop to the indoor pool.

Take a peek at the home theatre before we head out.

Nice landscaping, but it's no vineyard.

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