Old School Pornography Sells For $5.6 Million In Auction


Good news for all those people hiding dirty pictures in their parent’s attic: One day they could be worth millions! Christie’s sold a painting for $5.6 million that was hidden in an attic, possibly because it featured a bare breast. (We’ve got the full NSFW image below.) If this is true we know some people sitting on billions of dollars in their parents’ attics. They’ve got more than just pictures of bare breasts, so it would follow they’re worth much more, right?

BBC News: An Italian masterpiece which was hidden in the attic of a French chateau since the 19th Century has been sold for £2.84m at auction in London.

Giambattista Tiepolo’s Portrait of a lady as Flora had been expected to fetch £900,000 at the Christie’s sale.

It is thought the painting was hidden by the seller’s grandparents because it shows a woman baring her naked breast.

Canaletto’s masterpiece The Grand Canal, Venice sold for £3.85m at the same auction.

But a second Canaletto failed to sell. It was hoped the two masterpieces, both views of Venice, would fetch a combined £11m.