14 Old School Apple Games You Can Play In Your Browser Right Now

oregon trail

We recently came across VirtualApple.org, an astounding site that catalogues retro games that were once commercially available on Apple computers. But it doesn’t end there.

By way of clever coding, you can play all these games right inside your browser.

How do they do it? They take advantage of the ActiveGS plugin, a free extension for your browser that emulates old Apple computers.

And since all these old game titles are either freeware, abandonware, or public domain, there aren’t any legalities to stand between you and some nostalgic gaming fun.

Here are some of our favourites from back in the day that you can play in your browser right now.

Oregon Trail

One of the most classic computer games of all time, you can play Oregon Trail all over again for a refresher course on what pioneer life was like.

Play it here >

Tunnels of Armageddon

Race your ship through narrow tunnels while firing at enemies and doing your best to beat the time limit. 'Tunnels of Armageddon' makes use of cool pseudo-3D effects to embed you in the world of the game.

Play it here >

Zany Golf

Minigolf fans are in store for some retro throwback fun with Zany Golf. It's crazy holes and fantasy-style gameplay make for some relaxing fun.

Play it here >


Arkanoid is the successful re-imagining of the Breakout games from the 70s. Break blocks and collect power-ups to advance through the levels.

Play it here >


'Adventure' laid the foundation for text adventure games and 'Zork' is the amusement park built on top of it. You might think of a text adventure as 'playing a novel,' and this one pitted you against the inhabitants of a mysterious dungeon while collecting treasure.

Play it here >


Destroyer put you in the role of captain of a Navy destroyer ship, sailing around the ocean to hunt submarines and attack enemy island outposts!

Play it here >

Task Force

If you love over the top violence, give 'Task Force' a shot. You'll fight more bad guys than you ever thought possible. In terms of performance, this game marked an impressive technical achievement for the time!

Play it here >


The hack-and-slash fans aren't going to be left out. You control a barbarian fighting an endless number of monsters inspired by Greek mythology.

Play it here >


Initially only a hit in Japan, Thexder puts you in control of a guy who can turn into a jet. Run around the platforms, take down enemies, and if you get stuck you can always fly away.

Play it here >


Control your choice of a lizard or an ogre as you run around destroying things across history.

Play it here >


Check out this early helicopter flight simulator that lets you do battle with wire frames of other aircraft.

Play it here >


Fans of 'Prince of Persia' will be right at home here. This is Jordan Mechner's first game, renowned for its fluid motion and realistic animation. Do battle across Japan in an effort to rescue Princess Mariko.

Play it here >

Dungeon Master

It was considered the first true 3D realtime action game. It sold more than 40,000 copies in its first year for good reason -- it's lots of fun.

Play it here >

Beyond Castle Wolfenstein

This is the game that inspired the famous first-person shooter 'Wolfenstein.' Why not take a look back in computer gaming history and see how far we've come?

Play it here >

These are only a few of the games over at Virtual Apple.

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