Keith Olbermann Renames Ridiculous 'Worst Persons' Segment...AGAIN

Olbermann goes off...again.

Keith Olbermann‘s ridiculous Worst Person’s segment has lately become a bit like Cher’s singing career: every time he needs to gin up some attention he puts it on a retirement tour.

The last time he did this was in November following Jon Stewart‘s rally.  Olbermann was apparently smarting from his feature role in Jon Stewart’s excoriation of the media.

It was eventually brought back, but with a new name: The (Not Really) Worst Persons in the World.

Let’s hope there’s enough oxygen for Keith up on that high road.

Now, in the wake of the tragedy in Tuscon, Arizona over the weekend, Olbermann has not only very loudly, and in accusing tones, called on others in his business to tone down their rhetoric, he is making a show of attempting to do the same. Or something.

Acknowledging the “potential danger” in calling someone the worst person in the world, Olbermann announced last night that he is renaming the segment, but will not get rid of it altogether. 

“The purpose, to employ the French philosopher Bergson’s explanation that laughter is a social sanction against inflexible behaviour, that remains relevant and important and maybe more so than ever before.”

Meanwhile, Olbermann left the announcement of the actual name for another day. 

Video below of Olbermann’s ‘announcement.’

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