John McCain Is The Only Person In The World Listening To Keith Olbermann


On the night of the Arizona shootings, Keith Olbermann had a special comment condemning all those, including himself, who had used overheated rhetoric and violent metaphors. He then apologized for his words and urged others to do the same.

Now, over a week later, has anyone else taken the same step? Only one: John McCain.

That’s it.

In his latest Special Comment last night, Olbermann gave a timeline of right wing members of the media using the tragedy to attack people on the other side of the aisle. The comments are often based on factual errors, rumours or outright lies. 

“One individual assumed any personal responsibility for any of it, besides me: John McCain.  Not Palin, not Beck. Not Limbaugh, not West. Not Kanjorski, not Malloy. Not O’Reilly, not Angle. Not Jesse Kelly, not President Obama.

It’s me and John McCain.

I assume he’s like me, not sure whether to laugh, cry, or be proud of that. So what did everybody else say?

They said it was everybody else’s fault. And they often said it with more violence than before.

Olbermann’s rant might have carried more resonance if he had given it to the left as well as the right.

Video below 

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