New Satellite Images Show Oklahoma Tornado's Trail Of Destruction

This Monday a historic tornado hit Oklahoma City, wrecking havoc on the suburb of Moore and resulting in the death of 24 people.

Photos from the ground level are staggering, but it takes photos from above to see the full scale of the damage. The Google Crisis Map for the disaster uses satellite imagery from Digital Globe taken May 22 to show just how bad it was..

This image shows the path of the tornado. The little icons are damage, which is graded from least severe (blue, green), medium severe (yellow), to more severe (red, purple).

Oklahoma Tornado

Compare that to the image from Google Maps that was taken a while before Monday’s storm.

Oklahoma Tornado

If you zoom in a little closer on the new images, you can see just how severe that damage is.

Oklahoma Tornado

Here is Briarwood Elementary School, one of two elementary schools severely damaged in the storm. It has a purple badge, marking the highest level of damage, which is described as “Total destruction of a large section of building or entire building.”

Oklahoma Tornado

Here is Plaza Towers Elementary, where 7 children were found dead and a number of children had to be pulled from the rubble.

Oklahoma Tornado

Check out the Google Crisis Map to see the damage for yourself, and try comparing with the regular satellite images in Google Maps. Time Magazine also has a great comparison of before and after images.

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