The Juiciest Allegations From Sports Illustrated's Oklahoma State Football Scandal

Sports Illustrated is almost done rolling out
its big report on the Oklahoma State football program.

In the report, former players accuse the school of committing a litany of NCAA violations involving impermissible benefits, academic fraud, drugs, and sex.

We’ve been critical of the report because it does the NCAA’s dirty work without any context, leaving it up to the reader to figure out why any of this matters.

But the accusations, when taken in all at once, give you a look what goes on at these big-time college football programs.

Here’s the list of allegations so far:

1. Cornerback Calvin Mickens says a booster walked up to him in the locker room after a game in 2005 and give him $US200 (from Part One: THE MONEY)

2. One player accused an unnamed star player of getting paid $US25,000 one year. (from Part One: THE MONEY)

3. From SI: “Multiple players say it was common for some boosters to walk down the aisle of the team plane or bus and distribute cash-filled envelopes to the best players.” (from Part One: THE MONEY)

4. A lot of the payments allegedly came by way of sham jobs. One player says he was paid $US400 to take a Christmas tree out of someone’s attic. (from Part One: THE MONEY)

5. A number of players allegedly worked on the ranch of booster John Talley. SI says Talley paid them $US750-to-$1,000 per week, which is apparently over market value for that job. (from Part One: THE MONEY)

6. Tutors allegedly did most of wide receiver Dez Bryant’s school work during the season in which he was named an academic All-American. (from Part Two: THE ACADEMICS)

7. Ex-players claim that there was an assistant professor who worked at the library who would do everyone’s work. Players would allegedly drop off their assignments with him and pick up the finished papers a few days later. (from Part Two: THE ACADEMICS)

8. Two players say they once took a class that they never went to or did work for, and got A’s anyway. (from Part Two: THE ACADEMICS)

9. 30 players in 11 years admitted to smoking weed in college. (from Part Three: THE DRUGS)

10. Cornerback Calvin Mickens says players would get high “before” games that they knew they were going to win. It’s unclear if that means literally right before. (from Part Three: THE DRUGS)

11. Three players admitted to selling marijuana while on the football team. (from Part Three: THE DRUGS)

12. One unnamed player allegedly drank bleach because he thought it would help him avoid a positive drug test. (from Part Three: THE DRUGS)

The next part of the SI story comes out tomorrow and it’s called “The Sex.”

Read the whole thing here >

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