Oklahoma City Tornado Pictures: 'Total Devastation'

A farmer was quoted as saying the Oklahoma City tornado has left “total devastation.” 

Looking at the images and pictures of the areas hit by the massive F4 or F5,it is hard to disagree with his assessment. 

Some are saying this “mile wide” twister could end up being the most destructive tornado in the history of the world. The suburb of Moore, Oklahoma appears to be the hardest hit by the tornado according to early reports. 

According to CNN, a KFOR reporter has said that 30 students have been pulled out alive from Plaza Towers Elementary School. 

For more live updates on the tornado, click here.

This is reportedly what's left of a daycare in Moore, Oklahoma.

A closer shot of the daycare.

The tornado has left a massive fire in its wake.

Piles of debris.

Radar image of the storm from Wunderground.

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