This App Is Like OkCupid For Dogs

Dating sites like OkCupid and have made it easy for users to log in and find true love based on a desired set of criteria. No matter what you’re into – tall, short, religious, not religious; these apps help you connect with someone who could be your perfect match.

Now replace people with dogs, and you’ve got an app that lets you find your canine counterpart.

Now, before you get worked up, Perfect Dog isn’t an app to help you date dogs, of course. But it uses the same type of algorithms dating sites use to match a potential owner with their perfect pup.

Here’s how it works:

First, you punch in what you’re looking for. In a dream world, I’m looking for a large, hypo-allergenic, obedient dog to fit in my tiny apartment. So I specified:

Then, Perfect Dog brought back all of my matches, from the great to the not-so-great, ranked based on what I had asked for in the previous step:

Even though it was only a 66% match, and not at all what I asked for, I chose my favourite dog – the beagle. It shows a several cute pictures and fun beagle facts!

But if you’re in the park and see a dog, but don’t have the opportunity to chat up its owner or the dog itself (face it, we all have a dog voice), then use Perfect Dog’s “Identify” feature: helping you figure out what breed of dog it is you’re looking at:

And in a genius (and somewhat annoying, depending on your mood) move, the app sends you “alerts”, reminding you to come back and use the app.

“You Have Kibble!” Charming.

Perfect Dog is available for download in the App Store.

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