OK, Sorry, Go Ahead And Yell, But We Can’t Be The Only Ones Wondering Whether Derek Jeter’s Breakup Is Why He’s Suddenly Hitting So Well

Derek Jeter Passes Gherig

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We have no special insight here, but we can’t help but speculate…Earlier this season, New York Yankee superstar shortstop Derek Jeter was hitting like, well, an old man. And that’s not surprising, given that, in pro-baseball terms, he is an old man (37).

But recently, Derek Jeter has suddenly been hitting the ball like a young buck again.

Yesterday, for example, he had three hits in the Yankees’ record-setting slugfest. A few weeks ago, he had five hits in a game.

On the back of this slugging, Derek’s average has climbed from old-man-dismal to ~.300. He is quieting talk that the Yankees were idiots to re-sign him last summer because he’s ancient. And he’s again looking like the amazing proto-Yankee captain who has led the Yankees to umpteen World Championships.

And for Yankee fans, that’s AWESOME.  You, go, Derek!

But. still, inquiring fans have been wondering why Derek has suddenly started hitting so well.

And we can’t be the only ones who wonder whether it might have something to do with today’s news—that Derek Jeter and his latest beautiful girlfriend, Minka Kelly, are splitting up.

Is the prospect of getting back out there suddenly making Derek feel like a young man again?

We feel like cads for even wondering it. But we can’t be the only ones.

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