WATCH: OK Go Pounds 288 Guitars, 55 Pianos And 1,157 Homemade Instruments In A Chevy

Sandwiched between a video of a skydiving Chevy Sonic and a Chevy Sonic doing a kick flip, Super Bowl viewers might have noticed the band OK Go driving a mini van around as they smacked the hell out of 1,500 musical instruments.

This musical playground-turned-obstacle course was a clip from OK Go’s latest music video for their song “Needing/Getting,” which was sponsored by Chevrolet’s “Let’s Do This” campaign.

According to the band’s YouTube, the video required four months of planning and stunt driving lessons. Adweek reported that OK Go said that the video was never intended to be featured in the Super Bowl, “But then a funny thing happened. We finished the video, showed it to the bigwigs at Chevy and GM, and they fell instantly, head-over-heels in love with it. So much so that they immediately proposed a complete change of schedule to integrate it deeply into their Super Bowl plans.”

Ad agency Goodby Silverstein & Partners was behind the video, which spread the 288 guitars, 55 pianos, and 1,157 homemade instruments across a two mile stretch in the Los Angeles desert for the band to smack into.

Watch “Needing/Getting” below:

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