OK! Editor Not OK! With Job

British import Sarah Ivens, who’s been running the US version of OK! magazine since it was launched three years ago is out at the celebrity title. But she insists it has nothing to do with new general manager Kent Brownridge, so don’t even think about spreading those rumours.

NY Post: Sarah Ivens, who has been running OK! since British billionaire Richard Desmond launched the American version three years ago, is leaving the mag by the end of the year.

“I’m leaving at Christmas,” Ivens told Media Ink.

She’s getting married to fellow Brit and software architect Russell Moffett, but she won’t be moving to England after she’s hitched. Instead, she’s off to Lexington, Ky.

“The wedding will be next April in the Cotswolds, England,” said Ivens over lunch at DB Bistro. “That month, I also have my first American book out, ‘No Regrets,’ published by Random House. It’s a collection of essays from famous people on life decisions they’ve made.

Ivens insisted that she made the decision to resign in June, months before Kent Brownridge arrived on the scene as the magazine’s new general manager, and she says she gave the company a six-month notice as required by her contract.

Still, Brownridge may already have his eye on Nicola McCarthy, former editor-in-chief of British OK!, or Bonnie Fuller to replace Ivens. Fuller said she’s “very happy working on my new venture, Bonnie Fuller Media.” (Nice plug.)

Plus, with OK!’s ad pages already on the rise this year, do they even need someone as famous as Fuller.

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