A member of OJ Simpson’s parole board wore a Kansas City Chiefs tie to the hearing and Twitter was quick to take notice

OJ Simpson parole hearing Chiefs tie

On Thursday O.J. Simpson was back in court and back on our televisions as his parole hearing was broadcast live across the country.

Interest in the broadcast was initially driven by Simpson’s potential early exit from prison after serving more than eight years for armed robbery and kidnapping, as well as the American public’s seemingly ceaseless capacity for television involving Juice and the justice system. But as the broadcast went out, one notable fashion choice quickly caught the attention of many viewers — one of the members of the parole board was wearing a tie emblazoned with the Kansas City Chiefs logo.

It was a striking choice and seemed asynchronous to the moment. The parties gathered were there to decide the eventual fate of this man whose character and life has been strewn through public scrutiny for decades, and right there in the moment is a kitchsy tie that would be more appropriate at a tailgate for dads.

Twitter, as you might expect, was quick to take notice.

Even the Chiefs official account came in to comment, complimenting the board member on his bold display of fandom.

Far be it from us to police the fashion sense of a Nevada parole board member, but next time you’re going to be broadcast across the country, maybe go with something a bit more subtle.