Making OJ Simpson Try On Glove Was One Of 'Biggest Blunders' In Legal History: Lawyer

OJ Simpson GloveO.J. Simpson tries on the glove

Photo: IBHMC2/YouTube

O.J. Simpson’s “dream team” has spoken out against allegations the ex-football player’s lawyers tampered with the infamous glove he tried on during his murder trial, the LA Times reports.Eighteen years after Nicole Simpson’s murder, former prosecutor Chris Darden told a group of law students last week he believed now-deceased lawyer Johnny Cochran tore the lining of the glove so it wouldn’t fit.

“Mr. Darden’s self-serving assertion that Johnnie Cochran tampered with the glove – or any piece of evidence – is false, malicious and slanderous…. Almost 20 years later, it seems Mr. Darden is still trying to exculpate himself from one of the biggest blunders in the history of jurisprudence,” former O.J. Simpson defence lawyer Shawn Holley told the Times.

The panel discussion where Darden spoke last week was unbelievably awkward, and included the father and sister of Ron Goldman – who was killed along with Nicole – as well as “dream team” member Alan Dershowitz.

Dershowitz told Darden he couldn’t imagine “anything stupider” than having O.J. try on the glove in front of the jury, prompting the former prosecutor to say, “I was not accostomed to dealing with lying, sneaky lawyers.”

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