Shocking Tale Of How BP Contractors Entertain Themselves In Grand Isle, LA


Back at Oil Spill Ground Zero, an army of contractors has taken over the town economy, replacing the dearth of tourists. But the influx of blue collar workers has been painful for some Grand Isle residents, who are shocked by events like female oil wrestling.

This account comes from Mac McClelland at Mother Jones:

That night, dozens of men in race-segregated packs crowd around to watch strippers dance around and then tussle inside the bouncy inflatable ring set up inside Daddy’s Money. Female oil wrestlers need, obviously, to be oiled. Plastic cups full of baby oil are being auctioned off, along with the right to rub their contents all over one of the thong-bikinied gals. “I hope there’s no dispersant in that oil!” someone quips. The bidding before the first match starts at $10; it ends pretty quickly when some kid offers $100.

“He outbid me!” the guy next to me yells. His name is Cortez. He bid $80. He has dollar bills tucked all the way around under the brim of his hat, and piles of them in his fist. He has spent $200 of his $1,000 paycheck already tonight. “I am coming here every Saturday from now on,” he says. He gestures expansively at the scene—writhing women; hollering, money-throwing men. “Sponsored by BP!” he yells, laughing, then throws his arms around me and grabs my arse.

Read the full article here. Another great quote:

“We’ll be here as long as oil keeps washing up… three years… five years…

“Hopefully forever,” the guy next to him says. “I need this job if I can’t work offshore anymore.”

Grand Isle businesses that don’t sell beer and beds are having a very hard summer. It’s hard to estimate the permanent damage to fish, oil, and tourism.

Here’s what you need to know about the $2.2 trillion Gulf economy –>

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