Obama's Interference Slowed The Oil Spill Response, Say Inspectors

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New findings by the oil spill commission make the White House look worse and worse.

Now the report accuses Obama of hindering response efforts at a time when his poll numbers were flagging (via TWI):

The government did not take any major steps to respond to this perception until the end of May, when President Obama announced that he would triple the federal manpower and resources responding to the spill. 37 Coast Guard responders believed they were already throwing every resource they had at fighting the spill, but they dutifully tripled personnel and tracked their progress, at least for the state of Louisiana, in a regular report titled “Status on Tripling.”

Tripling resources just got in the way:

Responders noted that “tripling” taxed the Coast Guard’s ability to respond and to conduct its other missions and may not have been the most effective use of a thin-spread force in a lengthy campaign. Tripling, or at least the arguable overreaction to the public perception of a slow response, resulted in resources being thrown at the spill in general rather than being targeted in an efficient way.

An earlier bad headline from the report accused the White House of censoring NOAA’s worst-case estimate for the spill rate — and once again hindering the response.

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