Ohio State University Students Have Come Together To Shame A Notoriously Creepy 'Pick-Up Artist'

Students at the Ohio State University have banded together against a particularly creepy Columbus, Ohio man notorious for harassing female students, with hundreds of Buckeyes publicly calling him out on various forms of social media.

The man — who calls himself “Sean Larson” — is not an OSU student, and claims he has been banned from campus. Recent Reddit and Facebook threads highlighted in an excellent investigate piece by BroBible include stories from students who said that Larson has repeatedly approached them on campus, including in OSU libraries, and has filmed women without consent.

Larson took to Facebook on Friday, posting this in response to no longer being allowed on OSU’s campus:

In an interview with OSU student newspaper The Lantern, Larson — who runs a “pick-up” blog — said he uses a pseudonym to avoid potential stalking and harm.

“Campus is very tribal, so it’s like a tribal psychology place … If you get found out for doing that kind of stuff (sleeping with many women), you can get extradited from the whole thing,” he said.

The OSU police would not confirm to The Lantern whether Larson was banned from campus, but did say they were aware of the situation.

Check out the full story over at BroBible >>

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