IT'S OFFICIAL: Ohio's State Of The State Was The Craziest Political Speech Of The Year

John Kasich

State of the State addresses tend to be pretty staid affairs, interesting only to those who are actually writing or delivering the speech.

But that was certainly not the case in Ohio Tuesday, when Republican Gov. John Kasich regaled his audience with one of the nuttier political speeches in recent memory.

Normally, kooky governors aren’t anything out of the ordinary. But Kasich, a former Congressman, is a rising star in the Republican party. The baby-faced former Lehman Brothers executive has been all over the news this year, leading the GOP vanguard against public-sector unions and Obamacare.

After the State of the State speech, however, Republicans may start rethinking how much they want to put Kasich in the spotlight. According to the Huffington Post, which tipped us off to the madness, Kasich doesn’t like to give prepared remarks, and prefers instead to go off-the-cuff. What resulted was 100-minutes of rambling that included:

  • A reference to his “hot wife”
  • Imitating someone with Parkinson’s disease
  • Warning two recipients of the the Governor’s Courage Awards not to sell their medals on eBay.
  • Calling Californians “a bunch of wackadoodles.”
  • Referring to ethnic communities as “the ethnics,” and to God as a “lobbyist” for the “mentally ill, the disabled, the poor.” 
  • Giving a “shout-out” to virtually every person in the room — and multiple shout-outs to Ohio State President Gordon Gee 
  • Telling the people of Ohio that he wanted to “touch them.” 
  • Mentioning Galileo, Soviet gulags, John Adams and “Navy SEAL” — all in one breath. 
  • Crying

We haven’t seen a video yet, but let us know if you come across any good clips. In the meantime, you can read the full speech here, courtesy of the Herald Star.

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