A Crucial Disparity That's Pushing Obama To A Potentially Devastating Win In Ohio

Barack Obama

Photo: AP

President Barack Obama has a significant 5-point lead over Republican Mitt Romney in a new Time magazine poll of Ohio, the crucial battleground state that has enormous implications on Election Night.What’s pushing Obama to the lead is a key disparity in voters’ opinion of the state’s economy vs. the nation’s economy. Overall, 51 per cent of voters think Ohio’s economy is on the right track, compared with just 43 per cent that say it is off on the wrong track. The numbers are similar with self-identified Independents in the poll — by a 51-45 split, they say it’s on the right track.

Of the group that says Ohio’s economy is going in the right direction, 65 per cent are voting for Obama. 

Ohio’s views of its own economy are markedly different than how the state’s voters perceives the national economy. Only 41 per cent think it’s on the right track, compared with 54 per cent that say it’s off on the wrong track. 

Ohio’s economy was disproportionately affected by the auto bailout, which, now looking back, most voters support. A mid-October Public Policy Polling survey found that 54 per cent supported the bailout, whereas only 37 per cent opposed. That helped give Obama a 7-point edge on the question of which candidate would be “better for the auto industry” in Ohio.

Still, in the Time poll, Romney leads Obama by a slim margin on the question of which candidate would be best for the overall economy. 

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