There Are 996 Schools With An Even Worse Return On Investment Than The College Profiled In The Times

ohio northernThe student centre at Ohio Northern


Ohio Northern University turns out some of the most indebted students in the country, according to a astonishing profile in the NYT.Andrew Martin and Andrew Lehren interview one girl who graduated with $120,000 in debt and a degree in marketing (via @JimPethokoukis). She’s already working two restaurant jobs and plans to move back in with her parents, who have co-signed on the debt.

Still Ohio Northern, which costs $50,000 per year, isn’t the worst school in the country—far from it.

We checked Payscale’s return on investment index and found that the university ranked 252 with a 30-year ROI of $239,900.

There are 996 schools with even worse returns on investments.

At the bottom of the list is Savannah College of Art And Design with a 30-year ROI of negative $189,000. Negative! In fact there are hundreds of schools with negative 30-year returns on investment.

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