Jurors Say Ohio Judge Berated Them Over Assault Verdict: 'You Got This Wrong'

Judge Amy Salerno ColumbusScreenshot/ABC 6Judge Amy Salerno

A judge in Columbus, Ohio has come under fire for comments she made to jurors following a “not guilty” verdict in an assault and disorderly conduct case, The Columbus Dispatch

According to local news reports, Judge Amy Salerno told jurors in open court they came back with the wrong verdict.

“(The judge) said, ‘99% of the time, the jury is correct,'” juror LaShawn Chapman told The Dispatch. “‘Now it’s 98%. You got this wrong.'”

Salerno also reportedly said she’d have another chance to convict the defendant because he was facing charges in a different case that she was hearing. She has since recused herself from that case.

Four of the jurors complained about Salerno’s comments to Franklin County Administrative Judge James Green, who said he was “disturbed by the behaviour.” Green might take the complaint to the state Supreme Court’s disciplinary council.

This apparently wasn’t the first time Salerno has made questionable comments in court.

ABC News in Columbus reported that during a case involving an Ohio State University athlete who was arrested during a prostitution sting, Salerno said: “I’m very disappointed to see you here today in my courtroom. Considering, sir, the fact that you are an ambassador of Ohio State University, your visibility in the community, you need to always keep that in mind, sir.”

Salerno released this statement to ABC 6 about the assault case: “I was deeply surprised by the jury’s verdict in this case, and failed to contain my surprise. I am deeply sorry if my words in any way have offended. I can appreciate how they may have been taken in some other way.”

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