Ground Zero In The Gay Marriage Fight Proves There's Been An Incredible Shift Over The Past Decade

In 2004, Ohio was one of 13 states to pass a constitutional amendment banning gay marriage. In 2013, the state seems ready to endorse the opposite position, according to a new poll commissioned by The Columbus Dispatch.

The new poll found that 54 per cent of respondents now support overturning the ban and passing a measure that would “allow two consenting adults to marry, regardless of their gender.” Just 40 per cent oppose the proposal. And an astounding three-quarters of respondents under 25 support gay marriage.

That serves as a huge shift from 2004, when 62 per cent of Ohio residents voted in favour of the constitutional amendment to ban gay marriage. 

The poll comes at the start of the week in which gay marriage is primed to take centre stage at the Supreme Court. The high court is set to hear two major cases involving gay marriage, taking up both Proposition 8, which banned gay marriage in California, and the federal defence of Marriage Act.

Here’s a chart showing the shift:

Ohio gay marriage poll

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