Ohio Drycleaner Put Anti-Abortion Ads On Its Wire Coat Hangers


[credit provider=”Imgur” url=”http://imgur.com/Muhva”]

An Ohio-based dry cleaner placed a prominent “Choose Life!” ad unironically on its wire coat hangers.A photo is currently circulating on Reddit featuring a perplexed Ben Dudley staring at said hanger, which Robin Marty at RH Reality Check dubbed the “worst marketing decision ever.” Considering the ominous role coat hangers played in back-alley abortions in a pre-Roe v. Wade America, we agree.

Although this image is currently making its rounds on the blogosphere, what is perhaps the most surprising part of Springdale Cleaners’ anti-abortion message is that it has been going on — and has been heavily critiqued in public — for years.

This means that the company, knowing the implications of the wire hanger in the history of abortion, continued the ad placement (rather than alternatively putting the message on a separate tag or the plastic wrap that the clothes come back in).

In related news, a federal judge ruled that North Carolina’s new “Choose Life” licence plates are unconstitutional, given that the state government doesn’t provide a pro-choice alternative. This ruling, however, would only apply to a governmental office, which Springdale Cleaners is not.