OH WOAH: CNBC Just Blew Our Minds With Their Last Music Break

We’re a little obsessed with the music played on financial TV. It provides us with a break from whatever market data or Wall Street scandal we’re currently mulling over, and that’s just wonderful.

And every now and then, both CNBC and Bloomberg seriously hit the mark with their jams.

But we’ve never been as impressed as we were this afternoon when CNBC played ‘We Are The Robots’ by the godfathers of electronic music, Krafterwerk. CNBC, we never knew you had such refined taste.

The notoriously reclusive German band just finished doing an amazing concert series at New York City’s Museum of Modern Art, where they played each of their 8 ground-breaking albums over 8 consecutive nights.

We were there. It was sick.

Check out ‘We Are The Robots’ below:

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