'OH THIS F***': A government MP reacts when Malcolm Turnbull is asked about more women in Queensland politics

Oh… Photo: Stefan Postles / Getty Images

Prime minister Malcolm Turnbull is in Queensland visiting a number of electorates and meeting with Liberal National Party MPs, including Luke Howarth who represents the Brisbane seat of Petrie.

Howarth was standing beside the PM today, as backbenchers tend to do, during a media conference, when a reporter from Sky News ran through a list of all the male MPs Turnbull was meeting with and asked is he wanted so see more women in the LNP’s ranks.

Just how close Howarth was to the array of microphones in front of Turnbull also became apparent when halfway from the question, he’s heard to mutter “Oh this f***”, in reference to reporter Jackson Williams.

While there was a light reaction from Queensland LNP leader Tim Nicholls on the other side of Turnbull, the PM kept a straight face and ploughed on regardless, saying, in a slightly halting fashion, that “we always look forward to having, ah, to more, to seeing, ah, more women represented in, ah, in, you know, in our parliaments”.

Watch the incident below:

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